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Who makes the best tennis balls?
Penn is currently the #1 selling brand followed by Wilson. Penn ATP Tennis Balls are generally used in the major professional tournaments. Dunlop is also a very popular brand with a wide variety of tennis ball products. Wilson is the tennis ball that is officially used in the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. How to select a tennis ball that is right for your game?

Dunlop Brand Tennis Balls
Dunlop has been at the forefront of tennis ball manufacture for over 80 years, producing high quality balls for tournament and recreational play. Dunlop makes a wide range of tennis balls for a wide range of players. The packaging has changed over the years but Dunlop's dedication to quality and authenticity has not. Making Dunlop a leader in tennis ball manufacturing.

Ball lines include Club All Court, Club Championship, Fort All Court, Fort Clay Court, Fort Elite, Fort Max TP, Fort Roland Garros Clay Court, Fort Tournament,
Match, Power, Pro Series, Pro Team, Pro Tour, Training Balls, Tour Brilliance, Tour Comfort, Tour Performance and Volley.

Gamma Tennis Ball Brand
Gamma makes tennis balls that are designed for practice sessions. A popular item among teaching pros and students of the game. A good ball to practice your serve with or other fundamentals of the game. Not designed for regular play. Some even buy these cheap balls to play with their dogs.

Penn Brand Tennis Balls
Penn Brand tennis balls are owned by the Head company. Penn is the #1 selling ball in the United States. They manufacturer 3 unique lines of balls which include Professional, Championship and Recreational.

Penn’s Professional Balls are the most technologically advanced tennis balls providing players with top of the line core and felt technologies that allow the ball to play at its best for longer periods of time.

Pro Penn Marathon

Penn’s longest lasting and most technologically advanced tennis ball, featuring exclusive Encore Technology and LongPlay felt. It is the #1 choice of teaching pros and has been the official ball of the USPTA for over 35 years. Available in Extra-Duty Felt (hard courts), Regular_Duty Felt (soft courts) and Extra-Duty Felt (for high altitudes). Advanced technology which allows the ball to last for long periods of time. rating 9/10

Penn ATP Tour
This Penn ball is the #1 choice of ATP players and is the official ball of the ATP. Penn ATP is used in 3 out of the 4 largest tournaments in the USA. It features SMART OPTIK® felt that registers 19% brighter* than standard felt. If you are going on tour soon then you might be ready for this one, not for the average player. For extreme hitters like Novak Djokovic this is the ball of choice, can generate speeds in excess of 100 mph. rating 10/10

Penn Championship
The Penn Championship is America's #1 Selling Ball and represents the standard by which all other tennis balls are measured. This USTA and ITF approved ball is also the Official Ball of USTA League Tennis. It's available in regular-duty and extra-duty felt as well as extra-duty felt for high altitudes. This is an excellent ball for regular type amateur players. Is fairly durable and a lot of people like it. This ball sells really well for a reason, it is high quality. rating 9.5/10

Penn Titanium
Titanium enhances this ball's natural rubber core for increased durability without any sacrifice in playability. The increased core-pressure retention also allows for longer-lasting play and a thicker grade of felt cover provides for increased wear. This USTA and ITF approved ball is available in extra-duty felt. If you want an extra long lasting ball and are willing to sacrifice a little playability then this is your ball. This thing is hard to wear out, yet we found it has a little less kick. rating 8/10
Slazenger Brand Tennis Balls
Slazenger tennis balls have been used at Wimbledon since 1902 and that is a pretty good endorsement for Slazenger tennis balls. Slazenger is the brand with the big cat logo on them and they make a large variety of tennis balls.

Slazenger Championship Hydrocore Balls
Comes in a blue sleeve, these balls are all court tennis balls. Water resistant balls that are 70% more water resistant than a standard ball. Excellent for wet conditions.

Slazenger Open Tennis Balls
Comes in a black sleeve, these balls are all court tennis balls. The core of these balls has been specially designed to be ultra responsive to all levels of tennis players.

Slazenger "The Wimbledon Ball"
Comes in a white and purple sleeve, designed for championship play. You can purchase the same balls that are played at the Wimbledon Championships. The Tour Core of this ball has been designed for high level players. The Wimbledon Ball is designed for good spectator visibility in matches and championship level quality.

Slazenger Championship Hi Vis
Comes in a white sleeve with maroon and green, designed for all surfaces. A ball that is designed for Tournament Play and increased visibility, to allow players more time to prepare for shots. The "High Vis" is short for High Visibility.

Wilson Brand Tennis Balls

U.S. Open Tennis Balls by Wilson
The official ball of the U.S. Open since 1978. USTA & ITF approved for competitive play. Made with premium tex/tech industries felt.

Extra Duty -Optimal performance and durability for hard courts. Regular Duty - Optimal performance and durability on clay/indoor courts.

You can buy the same thing the pros use in the tournament if you like, though I wouldn't recommend this one for the average player either. Mostly for hard hitting serious types, maximum spin shots and the like. rating 9/10

Wilson Championship
The traditional performance standard, features Duraweave felt. This is a great ball for the intermediate player. Will give you a decent amount of spin and velocity. It doesn't seem to last as long as the Penn balls however. Features nice bright yellow color which we like. rating 8/10

Wilson Starter Play Green Ball -
This is a low compression ball, which is for those that don't hit hard, like kids or beginners. If you are looking for a good starter ball then this might be for you. You have to start somewhere. rating 7.5/10