People that play tennis are fitter than most of us. It is an endurance sport that is fun to play and burns lots of calories in the process.

Tennis is played world-wide on 3 different types of courts. It is played on clay courts, hard courts and grass courts.

Tennis has a unique scoring system, that is strange to new players. With 0 points known as "love". Your first point in tennis is also worth 15 points not 1. So a score in tennis would be, for example, 15-love or 30-love. It could also be 30-15.

Tennis requires fast movement and lot's of running up and down the court. You will need a tennis racket to strike the ball and a special type of felt covered ball to play. Tennis Shoe Brands are equally important, a good pair of tennis shoes are a must. Players often have a favorite tennis brand and they can be fiercely loyal to that brand.

The brand of tennis balls that you use, is an important factor in the outcome of the match. You will also need to use the proper type of tennis ball, depending on your skill level and type of surface you are playing on.

If you are looking for a challenging and fast-paced sport, then tennis is a great option.

While tennis is fun to play, it is also a great spectator sport. The matches are intense and often last several hours. Many matches end with the players on the brink of exhaustion.

How to select a tennis ball that is right for your game?
It may depend on your skill level, beginners require different balls than the professionals. Amateur players don't require the same level of performance from a tennis ball as the pros do. Remember that pros hit with an amazing amount of spin and power, which makes the balls overall performance crucial to them. Each shot needs to be precise and accurate. The men on the ATP tour use the Penn ATP Tennis Balls and generally players are satisfied with those balls.

Penn is currently the #1 selling brand followed by Wilson. Penn ATP Tennis Balls are generally used in the major professional tournaments. Dunlop is also a very popular brand with a wide variety of tennis ball products. Wilson is the tennis ball that is officially used in the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament.

The Pro's switch to new balls on every 7th game of a match, amateur players are less likely to be able to afford to break out a new can of balls so quickly. Of course, us amateurs aren't likely to hit quite as hard either. Dunlop balls tend to be preferred by amateur players because they tend to last longer and are less expensive. by Kerry Zangara
What type of racket should I buy?
The simplest answer is, it all depends on how good of a player you are.

If you are a Beginner, you should look for a basic tennis racket. Pick one that is oversized and is pre-strung, you don't need to worry about selecting your own strings at this point.

For an Intermediate Player (someone who plays 4 times a month or more) and has a decent level of skill. You can begin to tailor a racket more to your game style and individual needs. If you have a power game you will likely want a small, lightweight racket. If you have a finesse game, then go with a big racket so you can gain some added power.

Highly Skilled Players. You will likely want the added benefit of the newest technology rackets. Go with a composite for extreme light weights and high power. You will likely want to select your own string that will be tailored directly to your game.

The top 25 players in the world play Wilson, Head, Babolat, Prince, Yonex, Bosworth and Dunlop. Roger Feder & Juan Martin del Potro play a Wilson Racquet. Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Robin Soderling, Marin Cilic and Ivan Ljubicic play a Head Racquet. Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Fernando Gonzalez play a Babolat Racquet.
Tennis Shoe Brands
Tennis is a demanding sport, therefore it requires a special type of shoe. A great tennis shoe allows you to move freely on the court, while at the same time gripping the court. It has to be comfortable while at the same time properly supporting your ankle.

You also want a tennis shoe that allows you to slide a bit at times. This will allow you to track down some hard-to-reach shots. We have compiled a list of tennis shoe manufacturers that meet the demanding needs of tennis players.

Here is a list of recommended tennis shoe brands
What are the top tennis tournament brands and their brand sponsors?

There are 4 Major Tennis Tournaments, which are also known as "Grand Slams". These are the most prestigious and sought after Tennis Tournaments to win and also to Sponsor.

Australian Open Tennis Tournament
Official Ball:
Official Sponsors Include:
Kia, ANZ, Jacob's Creek, Rolex, Lacoste, MLC, IBM, OPTUS, Victoria State Government, Powerade, Panasonic, Heineken, Evian, Australia Post, Virgin Australia, Maxxis, Imperial Leather.

French Open Tennis Tournament

US Open Tennis Tournament
Official Ball:
Official Sponsors Include:
Chase, J.P. Morgan, American Express, Citizen, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Olympus, esurance, Heineken, Polo Ralph Lauren, United, Xerox, Adecco, Evian, Gatorade, Grey Goose, Moet & Chandon, Nabisco, The New York Times, Nirmal Lifestyle, Panasonic, Tiffany & Co., Westin, CBS Sports, ESPN2, Tennis Channel.
It Must Be Love.

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament
Official Ball:
Official Suppliers: Robinsons, Rolex, IBM, Hertz, G4S, Lanson, Ralph Lauren, HSBC, Evian, Jacob's Creek, Lavazza, Sony.

History: The first Lawn Tennis Championship in the world was held on the lawns of the All England Club in July 1877.

Wimbledon’s rich history is recorded on paper, captured in photos and on film, and presented through objects, memorabilia and interactive displays in the Museum. Its sporting history comes alive for visitors who book on the conducted tours of the grounds.
Tennis Bag Brands
Tennis bags are beautiful, stylish accessories that are a must for the serious player. Tennis bags, totes and backpacks are also worn by Women as a wardrobe accessory. Try these great tennis bag brands, when looking for the right bag for you.

A4 Brand Bags
A4 makes inexpensive duffel bags and equipment bags for tennis players.

Adidas Bag Brand
Adidas makes some stylish looking tennis bags and backpacks for players. All feature the famous Adidas logo.

Babolat Tennis Bags
Babolat makes some stylish, high quality tennis bags. Many of their racket bags can hold multiple rackets. They feature lots of pockets and zippers for accessories. Large selection of tennis bags available from Babolat.

Cherrie-T Tennis Bag Brand
This brand is all about looking good, not how you play. Tennis totes that look awesome and cost around $200.

Dunlop Tennis Bag Brand
Dunlop makes some really practical tennis bags, that also look really slick. Wide variety of colors to match your racket and style. Priced around $40-$80.

Head Tennis Bag Brand
Head is really well known for rackets, so its no wonder they make good quality tennis bags too. Most are more the functional type, yet the Maria Sharapova line is all about style.

Hello Kitty Tennis Bags
Hello Kitty makes tennis bags for girls of all ages, if you like Hello Kittty, then why not sport their tennis bag on the court.

Love Courture Tennis Bags
Love Courture is designed for Women and is all about fashion. Expensive, pretty tennis backpacks and totes for every fashion conscious woman.

Maggie Mather Tennis Bags
These can only be described as "really cute" bags. Hot, sexy colors that will accent your wardrobe, if you play tennis or not.

Prince Tennis Bags
Prince has a huge line of tennis bags, that come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Prince bags run on average around $70.

Wilson Tennis Bags
Wilson has a very large selection of tennis bags to choose from. Stylish looking bags for Men & Women players. They also sell an all leather premium tennis bag that will cost you around $550.

Yonex Tennis Bag Brand
These tennis bags are one of my favorites. They have a really stylish look for players, yet they are still quite functional as well. A Yonex tennis bag will cost around $90, but well worth the price.